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System 2500


The System 2500 metal roof panel is a 2" mechanically seamed structural metal roof system. This metal roof panel has excellent structural spanning capabilities that can meet high wind loads and will perform well in low slope roof conditions. This panel can be installed using different seam styles: 90 (Single Lock) and 180 (Double Lock) with the use of a mechanical field seamer. The panel design is excellent for radius roof conditions.

Available Materials: Galvalume (22, 24 gauge) / Aluminum (.032, .040, .050) / Copper (16 & 20 oz)

Available Widths: 12" - 20"

Panel Options: Striations (Recommended) / Flat (Not Recommended) / Curved/Radius / Stress Ribs / * Factory applied Seam Sealant

Substrate Requirements: Can be installed over Solid Substrate or on Open Framing.

Minimum Roof Pitch: 1/2:12

Underlayment: Ice & Water Shield (recommended) or Synthetic Underlayment.

Finish: Kynar 500 (Fluoropolymer PVDF Coating)

Available Colors

South Creek Roofing & Waterproofing Inc. Images

Architectural Colors

Terra Cotta
Aged Copper
Bone White
Surrey Beige
Colonial Red
Patina Green
Regal White
Ash Gray
Sierra Tan
Regal Red
Hemlock Green
Stone White
Dove Gray
Medium Bronze
Hartford Green
Slate Blue
Slate Gray
Mansard Brown
Matte Black
Regal Blue
Charcoal Gray
Dark Bronze

Metallic Colors

Pre-Weathered Galvalume
Non-Painted Acrylic Coated Galvalume
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